1Km distance from the Bed & Breakfast, is the Castle of Gradara, rich in Renaissance frescos and the reminiscent love story of Paolo & Francesca.

At 200 meters from the B&B, there is the farmhouse. Animals are welcome at the Bed & Breakfast "Casa della Stella".

3km distance from the B&B, is the Roman archaeological site of Colombarone.

At a distance of 2km from the Bed & Breakfast, is the Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo.

Sunset at the Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo.

At 4km from the Bed & Breakfast, is the Marine Landscape of Cattolica. with its New Dock and Sunset Square.

Sunset at Cattolica.

The Marche region offers a variety of festivals, folklore manifestations and historical spectaculars. At Gradara in July, is the "Siege of the Castle".

At San Giovanni in Marignano in June is the "Night of the Witches" ~ At Mondaino in July is the "Palio of the Deer" ˜ At Saludecio in August is the "800 Festival".

In July from Cattolica to Cesenatico, the "Pink Night". 110 km of coastline festivities. The unforgettable panoramic view from Gabicce Monte, 3km from the Bed & Breakfast.

At a distance of 4km from the Bed & Breakfast, deeply immersed in the green hills of "Park San Bartolo," is the Vallugola Bay.

7km from the Bed & Breakfast, on the panoramic route to Pesaro, is the small town Casteldimezzo. 2km ahead is the town Fiorenzuola di Focara.

11km distance from the B&B, is Villa Caprile. The "Casa della Stella" rents bicycles.

At Pesaro, 13km from the B&B, is the Rossini Theatre that holds the "Rossini Opera Festival" in August.

At 13km Pesaro. Piazza del Popolo, Villino Ruggeri, Sfera Grande by Arnaldo Pomodoro & Municipal Galleries with paintings from the 14th to 19th century.

At 43km from the B&B is San Leo, at 35km Urbino. Do not miss the Ducale Palace, with its splendid National Gallery.

The Adriatic Riviera with its seaside resorts. Cattolica (4km), Riccione (9km), Rimini (15km) and Pesaro (13km).

At Cattolica (4km) there is Le Navi Aquarium, at Riccione (9km) the aquatic park Oltremare and Aquafan. At Rimini (18km), Italy in Miniature Park & Fiabilandia Park.

bed & breakfast Gradara - Pesaro Urbino

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